Location:  Schiff Valley Scout Reservation
Mendham, NJ

(The troop also spent one week of summer camp at Camp Greenough, Cape Cod)

1977 camp picture taken at Schiff Valley Scout Reservation, Mendham, New Jersey.
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Front Row (Left to Right): Marty Green, Mike Volpe, Arthur Pellerin, Mike Piper, Kevin Dumais, Craig Acocelli, Brett Buma.

Row Two: Bruce Bisbee, Richard Sheldon, Peter Feddema, Dave Thompson, Peter Bedigian, John Wheeler, Danny Lombardi, Paul Green.

Row Three: James Wheeler Jr., Chris Lightbown, John Rauth, Glen Geary, Scott Vallee, Matt Tillman, Mike Duggan, Scott Buma, Richard Linnell, Ron Peters, Jimmy Fox.

Row Four: Tom Buma, Don Miller, John Betts, Steve Leslie, Steve Stanley, Phil Cone, Dave Cone.

Row Five: Merrill McNelly, Burnham Miller, Charles Thompson, Larry McElreath, Bill Ballou, Dick Buma, Doug Thompson.