Location:  Treasure Valley Scout Reservation
Paxton, MA

1978 camp picture taken at Treasure Valley Scout Reservation, Paxton, Massachusetts.
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Front Row (Left to Right): Mike Piper, Mike Gauthier, Craig Acocelli, Kevin Dumais, Jeff Delibero, Chris Lightbown, Dave Thompson.

Row Two: Bruce Bisbee, Richard Sheldon, Mike Duggan, Brett Buma, Danny Lombardi, Scott Vallee, Jim Heney, John Wheeler.

Row Three: John Andonian, Rob Marseglia, Arthur Pellerin, Tim Piper, Peter Bedigian, Louis Stead, _________.

Row Four: Martin Green, Merrill McNelly, Dick Buma, Rusty Blaine, John Betts, Charles Thompson, Bill Ballou, John Rauth.