Location:  Camp Opemeikon, Scouts/Canada
Perth, Ontario

(The pictures was taken in the Village Congregational Church parking lot prior to departure.)

1981 camp picutre taken at Camp Opemeikon, Perth, Ontario
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Front Row (Left to Right): Mike Meagher, Justin Arbuckle, Dennis Bernard, Dean Acocelli, Mike Flynn, Matt Flynn, Gary Harper, David Harper, Tim McFetridge, John Miller, Tim Dion.

Row Two: Mike Driscoll, Tim Piper, Mike Goshgarian, Peter Codner, Phil Goyette, Dana Ducharme, Louie Bernard, Kevin Dumais, Lew Stead, Peter Bedigian, Doug Harper.

Row Three: Phil Oikle, Don Goodwin, Paul Bedigian, Doug Cone, Brian Knapik, John Andonian, Chris Piper, David Miller, Jay O'Connor, Kevin Codner, Mike Vallee, Bruce Bisbee, Rusty Blaine.

Row Four: Charles Thompson, Dick Buma, Ken Gauthier, John Rauth, Skip Dalton, Rob Marseglia, Arthur Pellerin, Mike Piper, Mike Gauthier, Craig Acocelli, Dan Lombardi, Brett Buma, Dave Thompson, Merrill McNelly, Jim Heney.

(Doug & Jack Thompson were absent when the picture was taken.)