Location:  Camp Bedford
Malone, NY
(The troop also weekended in Montreal)

1985 camp picture taken at Camp Bedford, Malone, New York.
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Front Row (Left to Right): Derrick Scenna, Mike Dowdle, Travis Dolson, Kevin Frieswick, Craig DeHaan, Ian Carr, Jim Vallee, Jim Tancrell, Peter Harper, Aram Goshgarian.

Row Two: Steve George, Steve Convent, Merrill McNelly, Charles Thompson, Ray Beaudoin, Ken Gauthier, Craig Acocelli, David Thompson, Doug Thompson, Grant Kollet.

Row Three: David Harper, Mike Vallee, Steve Harper, Matt Perron, Paul Massey, Tom Pajala, Joshua Emmott, Chris Langevin, Bruce Williams, Steve Daughdrill, Mike Flynn, David Beaudoin, Matt Gauthier, Jim Tessier.

Row Four: Jim Austin, Dean Acocelli, Phil Oikle, Doug Ward, Scott Dolson, Chris Bogie, Richard Bousquet, Jeff Flinton, John Karagosian, Derek Tessier, Tom Jaffarian.