Location:  Treasure Valley Scout Reservation
Paxton, MA

1990 camp picture taken at Treasure Valley Scout Reservation, Paxton, Massachusetts.
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Front Row (Left to Right): Bob Paquette, Ryan Dupre, Dennis Colleary, Jeff Shanahan, Steve Lamontagne, Lauri Bolton, Jeff Wheeler, Dave Lachapelle, Rob Davis.

Row Two: Peter Rusakovich, Andrew Magnusson, Seth Lotterman, Eric Turner, Justin Fortin, James Brennan, Jon Gamelin, Tim Fournier, Patrick McCabe, Neil Lapointe.

Row Three: Jeremy Bloniasz, Craig lefort, Kenner Montgomery, Chris Lachapelle, Andrew Myers, Tom Bernard, Steven Royal, Mike DiVirgilio, Dominic Mazza.

Row Four: Bill Stewart, James McCowan, Nathan Butler, Ray Kane, Dan Guilbeault, Jay Gadoury, Chris Tancrell, Dave Lefort, Matt Daughdrill, Sean Brennan.

Row Five: Scott Colleary, Ryan Dill, Charles Thompson, Merrill McNelly, Steve Daughdrill, Ken Gauthier, Peter Gauthier, Neil Stanick, Doug Thompson.