Location:  Whitin Park
Whitinsville, MA

The troop spent two weeks in California in July 1991.
Camp Royaneh, Guernayville, CA
(San Francisco Council)

1991 troop picture taken at Whitin Park, Whitinsville, Massachusetts.
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Front Row (Left to Right): Mike DiVirgilio, Dennis Colleary, Russell Bolton, Jared Dafiotis, Peter Rusakovich, Joshua Miedema, Andy Magnusson, Lauri Bolton, Ken Laflamme, Dustin VanderHoof.

Row Two: Dave Beaudoin, Dave Lefort, Nathan Butler, Tim Fournier, Jason Furrey, James McCowan, Ray Kane, Eric Turner, Seth Lotterman, Patrick McCabe, Rob Davis.

Row Three: Dan Guilbeault, Bob Paquette, Joel Magnusson, Andy Myers, Jeff Wheeler, Craig Lefort, Chris Lachapelle, Jeff Shanahan, Dave Lachapelle.

Row Four: John Lapointe, Ken Gauthier, Peter Gauthier Neil Stanick, Jesse Curll, Chris Tancrell, Scott Colleary, Neil Lapointe, Jon Gamelin, Matt Daughdrill, Ryan Dill, Dick Buma.

Row Five: Maynard Williams, Matthew Gauthier, Jack Thompson, Larry Fournier, Norm Gadoury, Steve George, Ray Beaudoin, Charles Thompson, Merrill McNelly, Doug Thompson, Steve Daughdrill, Phyil Magnusson.

(The picture was taken in June 1991 at the Eagle Scout Ceremony of Neil Lapointe and Peter Gauthier by Troop 155 photographer, Bob Cjarkowski)