Location:  Rodney Scout Reservation
North East, Maryland
July 3-12, 2011

2011 Camp Picture

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            Row One (L to R):  Chad Lamont, Steve Oncay, Mike DeFazio, Brent Masters, Owen McCarthy, Matthew Keith, Jacob Schofield, Peter Kittredge.

Row Two:   James Ciras, Brian Bliss, Rob Caggiula, Jacob Habbel, Alex Davieau, Joe Skowronski, Allen  Turner, Logan Lamborn, Jacob Bliss, Jon Belanger (ASM)

Row Three:  Howard Carlson (ASM), Patrick Byrne, Robert Knowles, Noah Redden, Jacob Carlson, A.J. Gagner, Ryan Byrne, Tyler Drake, Nathan Satkauskas, Nathan Martel, David Lewis, Bill Oncay.

Row Four:  Tom Lamont, Cole Macjewski, Tyler Moorey, Keith Reiter, Andrew Belanger, Tom McGowan (SPL), Ian Kelly, Dillon Arnold, Charles Thompson.

Photograph taken 7/10/11 at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington Cemetery, Washington, D.C.